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Land Care Foundation
Trust Number: IT/2460/00AgriSETA Service provider no: PAET 5473
Trustees: Mr Ilan Lax (Chair); Ms Gugu Ngema (Vice Chair); Ms Trish van Wyk (Treasurer); Dr Raymond Auerbach (Founder & Director);Mr Mphoya Thobela; Mr Justin McCarthy; Legal Adviser: Mr Peter Rutsch; Auditors: Roshan, Morar and Associates.Patrons: Ms Njabulo Nduli (Agriculture); Prof Frits Penning de Vries (Water); Prof Ben Cousins (Governance).

PO Box 2349, HILLCREST 3650
Tel: 031 783 4412
Fax: 031 783 4641

African water resources are adequate for the needs of Africa if rainfall and runoff are well managed, using rainwater harvesting, wetland development, mulches and compost. 

With good land care practices the soil, too, can sustain the people of Africa.  Our vision is thus reflected in our name: God provides land and rain; humanity must provide care. 

Landcare is an approach to land use based on an understanding of the principles of natural resource management: production, conservation and social equity must be combined if sustainable development is to take place in Africa.


The Rainman Landcare Foundation demonstrates and teaches ecologically sound agricultural production methods and effective management and use of Africa
=s scarce water resources.

It supports the organisation of organic farmers into effective groups, helps them to develop markets, and has assisted in the establishment of independent organic certification agencies.
It encourages young people to become organic farmers.


1Set up a discovery learning centre on Bachs Fen Ecological Research Farm.
2Develop appropriate on-going support systems for trainees.
3Research surface and groundwater management and ecological farming systems.
4Monitor and evaluate performance of the production systems and research.
5Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of learning, teaching and support activities.
6Communicate widely through newsletters and use of other media.
7Network with farmer associations and groups to share approaches.
8Advise and assist with organic market development.
9Help to establish independent organic certification authorities.
10Promote organic farming and Landcare among young people.